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"The cleaner is wonderful. It's small but comfortable in hand. The skin feels smooth after it's usage. It looks stylish. Very pleased with the purchase."


"I love this product. I watched a lot of reviewers before I decided to buy it because I wasn’t sure if it will work on my face. But I definitely see a big difference after just first week of using it. This is an amazing product I ever have. Love it"


"I have been using it for 1 week now and I am very satisfied, I used to have one similar device and it can't be compared to yours, the skin is really smooth after use, I like it to actually remove all makeup and deeply cleanse my skin???????? I have quite oily skin at the end of the day and so the difference is really


"The skin is really smooth to the touch after the first use. It cleanses the skin perfectly. I use it 2-3 times a week and I'm more than happy with the results."


"KaikoCare is just a nice upgrade to my routine. I noticed that the skin on my face is finally 100% clean and there are no traces of make-up on the towel or pillow. After a quick routine, my care cream also absorbs faster, which is a clear sign that the skin is ready for it. I am very excited and highly recommend it!"


I really like them together!!! ???????? It cleans the skin much better than my fingers. If I can get a better result with less work, I am definitely FOR it! Brush + gel are the perfect combo"


" Kaikocare helps me prepare my skin so that it's smooth & clean, so that the foundation adheres nicely to the face."


“I’m more than happy with my purchase! I’ve got it for me and my Best friend.. We love it! Couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase. Thank you Kaikocare!!"


"I'm very happy with it! It makes the whole routine much easier & for me personally it's a really great upgrade for my skin."


Ok I usually don’t give five stars for just anything, but this brush does what it needs to do. It has about 4 different modes. I personally like the one with the rotating beads and the vibration because I feel like it really does a deep clean.My face feels immediately cleaner after use, I just put on my serums and I’m glowing for the remainder of the day."


"I love how tiny and cute it is, and the handle makes it so easy to manoeuvre. I’ve used it morning and night everyday for about 5 days now, and my face has been looking and feeling so much better than usual! It is very gentle and for everyday use, I think it’s perfect!"


"I like how compact this product is. It barely takes up any room on the bathroom counter. It's easy to use and I love how it makes my face feel. I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and extra clean."


“I bought this face brush because I kept reading about how silicone brush heads are better due to bacteria build up. I have really oily skin and I need something that will get into my pores and clean it out so I ordered the Kaikocare brush. Using it now for 2 weeks once a day and it’s amazing. I love it.”


"Definitely my favourite skincare accessory and I wouldn't replace it for absolutely nothing????"


"This has such high quality! It’s soft but works deep into the poors and my face feels baby soft clean!"


"YOU’LL GET ADDICTED TO IT … I swear ever since I bought this product, I use it everyday and it feels really, really good. After 2 weeks, everybody at the office said that my skin is so much brighter and smoother like I had just gotten a luxury facial at the spa. "


"YOU’LL GET ADDICTED TO IT … I swear ever since I bought this product, I use it everyday and it feels really, really good. After 2 weeks, everybody at the office said that my skin is so much brighter and smoother like I had just gotten a luxury facial at the spa. "


“I recommend this brush to all my friends. It works very well on sensitive skin.”


“I’ll start by saying that it is absolutely cute. Took me a while to decide on a colour but I am happy with my choice. Came charged and works as expected.”


"It's so soothing????????????✨ It's really easier, because it' your constant reminder to clean your face. I massage myself in the morning because I'm used to doing facial yoga and I do this next to relax my face muscles.???? Love it!"


"I love it! My skin is so clean and smooth, which I noticed with the faster absorption of the products I use after cleansing. On top of all that, the product is so elegant and at the same time constantly reminds you in the bathroom not to forget to clean your face after a busy day. "


"My favourite skincare product! I use it every other day and my skin adores it. After use, the skin is so smooth. You can't believe it until you actually try it. I recommend it! 5/5"


"I bought this face cleansing brush because for the longest time I've used my hands to wash my face and suffered from acne and blackheads. After using this product I could already feel and see the difference it made vs just using my hands. My face felt super soft, smooth and refreshed after using.


"This has such high quality! It’s soft but works deep into the poors and my face feels baby soft clean!"


“Used it for the 1st time and I gotta say I’m very happy with my purchase. The size ended up being just right, bigger wouldn’t have been practical. It has 4 programs, I find I like the 2nd the best. It’s very gentle on the skin. Would definitely recommend.


“I absolutely love this brush. It’s really cute, easy to clean and easy to travel with. I thought it was on the small side when I first got it but honestly it doesn’t need to be bigger than it is.”

Julia Emily

"I've tried it twice and my skin is suddenly unbelievably soft! Such a good feeling when you wash your face and the skin suddenly becomes soft to the touch!"


"It's so high-quality! It's soft, but it works deep in the poores. Love it!"

Lenka O.

"Best purchase ever !! Top gear! My skin improved by 200% in a week! Not to mention I had soft skin the same night after first use."


"Top product that my skin loves. When I run out of it, I will definitely order again"


"This nourishing, luxurious lotion melts on contact, leaving the skin supple and radiant."


" Amazing product. I have been using Kaikocare brush every day for 4 weeks, the effects are already in the first few days. "


"I am very pleased with the product. My skin has improved a lot since I use it. I recommend it!"

sofia z.

"Sonic technology is really great for cleansing, and the brush is the most effective and gentle I have tried so far. Recommend"

Jane D.

"In fact, I noticed the difference on the first day - extremely soft and smooth skin. Very excited about the device, I recommend it!"

Marija Gonz.

"I've never fought with acne, but I'm one of those people who has their pores filled. On top of that, I have sensitive skin, so some extractions were out of the question. kaikocare face brush has gently cleanses my skin daily without irritations. The best buy so far my skin is 60% better than before."


"I can't praise the gel. I have never had such soft and smooth skin after using any foam or gel. Thanks and congratulations! :)"

katarina V.

"Finally one quality cleansing gel. I also use it without your device and it is phenomenal I have been following you since the beginning and you are great!"


"The most enthusiastic person in the world after using this product !! Where have you been all this time ?? Hahah"


"I recommend, the device exceeds all expectations!"


"I finally got this face brush! Let me tell you from first hand, the brush is amazing! It really works, for the first time I had a smooth skin just like a baby????"


"I would like to thank you for this device! I enjoy using it every day. I wish you a successful path!"


"Great product from kaikocare, lovely, refreshing and doesn’t strip your skin. Highly recommend for all skin types."


"Glad I got to try this awesome gadget! I use this when I wake up and before I go to bed. My skin felt very firm and I noticed a bit of a glow!"


"A really good massage after a long day. My skin feels so smooth after a good wash. I highly recommend this product."