Zero Waste Double edge razor

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Experience a better shave for you and the environment! Designed for practicality and durability, this razor will help you remove plastic from your life and help our planet. The double edge razor has a Non-slip handle. It is made completely from metal and riffled to ensure a tight grip. Metal has been used by mankind for ages because of its durability and sturdiness.


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THE PERFECT SHAVE! Make skin irritations and ingrown hair a problem of the past. With the double sided razor, you will achieve the closest shave effortlessly.


With this metal razor, you only need to replace the easily recyclable double edged razor blades. Making it the perfect razor for eco friendly shaving.


Guaranteed to last a lifetime. The reusable razor is made exclusively from high-quality, durable materials. This double edge razor is the ideal environmentally friendly gift.

What you get:

– A classic razor with excellent workmanship

– 10x stainless steel razor blades

– A beautiful, plastic-free packaging

– 1x cleaning brush

Product details

Weight: 55.6 grams/1.96 Ounces

Material: Aluminum alloy & Zinc Alloy

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follow below steps

1. Loosen the blade slot from the handle and remove it.
2. Take a blade from the blade box and hold both sides of the blade.
3. Align the blade with the card slot and put it into the blade slot.
4. Connect the blade slot with the handle and tighten it.
Remind: After use, please clean the shaver with a brush to keep it clean.Convenient for better use next time.
Caution: The blade is very sharp. Pay attention to the angle of use to avoid scratching the skin.

1.Why use metal safety razor?

– Smooth, clean shave without irritation or razor burn

– Less clogging due to one high quality single safety razor blade, resulting in a closer shave

– Cost effective as the double edged razor blades are cheaper than cartridge refills and disposable razors

– Strong and durable, made from quality materials

– Environmentally friendly and reusable

– More control as the eco razor is designed to have the perfect weight and an ergonomic shape

2. What are our Razors made from?
Our razors are made from aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. We chose this material for its durability and corrosion resistance. Looked after properly, they will last a lifetime! The razor’s colour comes from electroplating, which means it is not a painted on colour, therefore it will not wear off over time or chip.
3. Why Switch to Zero Waste Razors?
Over 2-billion razor blade heads are thrown out every year. What makes this statistic even worse is that modern shaving cartridges are constructed of so much rubber and plastic that they simply cannot be recycled. So while you’re enjoying the smoothest, irritation free shave of your life, rest easy knowing that you’re not contributing to this statistic.
4. How do Zero Waste Razors help to prevent ingrown hairs?
Modern multi-blade razors cause ingrown hairs by tugging and pulling at your hair before eventually cutting the hair follicle at skin level. As the hair grows, many of the hair follicles become ingrown. This is not the case with safety razors which gently glide smoothly over your skin and cut the hair follicles at the skin level, ensuring you have the smoothest shave of your life.
5. Zero Waste Razor vs. Modern Razor Cost Comparison?
The cost of our safety razors is truly a reflection of their quality. The genius of modern day shaving companies is that they make a loss on the shaver handle and make a HUGE profit on the replacement blades. So while modern razors blades seem cheap by comparison, over time they end up costing you big time. Compared to modern multi-blade cartridge heads costing around $3 per head, our safety razor uses traditional double-sided razor blades that only cost around 20-cents – around 15 times cheaper than the modern equivalent. What’s more to love!

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Aron r.

"The product is very beautiful, the quality of iron is strong and the color changes I tried yesterday once easily, smoothly and safely "

Renata M.

"Very beautiful and accurate and clean from the heart I advise everyone to buy it does not miss the limit "

Ela M.

"The item is as pictured and described. I am very impressed with the quality and finish of these razors -- the build quality is as good as the expensive brand names at only a fraction of the cost. I love the classic look and feel of these razors and I look forward to trying them. Great seller and products -- I would buy from them again in the future. Thank you! "

Lana K.

"I really liked this razor, good performance, high quality."

Katarina M.

"It is exactly as I ordered and even better, the quality of the product is notorious"

Andrea L.

"The product is very beautiful, the quality of iron is strong and the color changes I tried yesterday once easily, smoothly and safely"

Patricia P.

"lovely, it came with 10 blades and a cleaning brush for them, the blades are really thin, but they cut the hair for sure, be careful it's a bit heavy but it's okay, there is a guide paper, read it before using it Moreover,the colour is lovely, i recommend it"

Marcel d.

"Very cool and very sharp razor! It's not the first time I take it in this store and I'm happy"

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