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Meet your new best friend for daily facial care, restoring a radiant, fresh and youthful look to your skin. KaikoCare brush is the first sonic massaging cleanser that comes with magnetic therapy and it’s specially-developed brush head is suitable for all skin types. With the help of sonic vibrations and magnetic therapy, it deeply cleanses the skin and contributes to its elasticity and takes care of its healthy appearance!

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Sonic & massaging cleansing for professional results

To replicate the powerfully effective facial cleansing and massaging benefits of professional beauty treatments, KaikoCare brush contains sonic technology that creates wave gentle pulsations, from 4100 to 8500 pulses per minute, which thoroughly cleanse and massage the skin of 99% of impurities.

New brush for all skin types

No matter your skin type, KaikoCare brush will always be the perfect match for you! With 4 pulsation intensities and specially-developed brush head, it’s designed to suit every skin type and offers specialized cleansing for different facial areas.

Bring the spa home

KaikoCare brush brings an exceptional spa-like experience to the comfort of your very own living room - with results to match. Pamper your skin everyday with a pleasant 2-minute skincare routine, and ensure a complexion that looks radiant, rejuvenated and beautiful in between treatments.

Four Function Mode Adjustments

1. Vibration is weak, rotating magnetic beads are turned on

2. Vibration off, rotating bead on

3. Strong Vibration, rotating magnetic beads on

4. Strong point vibration, rotating magnetic beads


When it comes to your beauty and health, there’s simply no room for compromise. The unique sonic wave and magnetic beads combine the ultimate skincare technology, leaving your face refreshed and glowing, smoother than ever!

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Does the product have a warranty?
Of course. The product has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, with the original invoice.


Are silicone face brushes good?
Unlike nylon bristles, silicone bristles are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacterial buildup and a whopping 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brushes. When it comes to cleansing your skin, there’s really no comparison when it comes to which material is the safest and cleanest option.


What does sonic cleansing mean?
Sonic technology represents cleansing with very fast vibrations, which with up to 8500 vibrating pulses per minute remove impurities, clean pores and massage and remove dead cells from the face.
Why is sonic cleansing recommended?
Sonic cleansing is recommended for hygienic function. Namely, various bacteria accumulate on our hands during the day, which can then be transferred to the face by cleaning. This, in turn, can cause pimples on the skin or the accumulation of other impurities that worsen the condition of the skin.

Real people, real results

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"I really like them together!!! ???????? It cleans the skin much better than my fingers. If I can get a better results with less work, I WANT it! Brush + gel are the perfect combo ????"


" Kaikocare helps me prepare my skin so that it's smooth & clean, so that the foundation adheres nicely to the face."


"It's so soothing????????????✨ It's really easier, because it' your constant reminder to clean your face. I massage myself in the morning because I'm used to doing facial yoga and I do this next to relax my face muscles.???? Love it!"


"Worked great on my oily skin. Used them for about 6 months straight day and night or somedays just once. My oily skin is well maintained now. I use to have pretty bad breakouts and the dark spots were nasty. In a year my skin has cleared up with your products."fter use, the skin is so smooth. You can't believe it until you actually try it. I recommend it! 5/5"


"YOU’LL GET ADDICTED TO IT … I swear ever since I bought this product, I use it everyday and it feels really, really good. After 2 weeks, everybody at the office said that my skin is so much brighter and smoother like I had just gotten a luxury facial at the spa. "


"this package is 10 out of 10 it’s high quality and feels amazing and re usabler. The color is also very nice. This brush is great for just cleaning the skin pha offers light everyday exfoliation for keeping that skin glowing great for everyday or a couple times a week."


“I recommend this brush to all my friends. It works very well on sensitive skin.”


“I bought this face brush because I kept reading about how silicone brush heads are better due to bacteria build up. I have really oily skin and I need something that will get into my pores and clean it out so I ordered the Kaikocare brush. Using it now for 2 weeks once a day and it’s amazing. I love it.”


“I’m more than happy with my purchase! I’ve got it for me and my Best friend.. We love it! Couldn’t be more satisfied with our purchase. Thank you Kaikocare!!"


"I'm very happy with it! It makes the whole routine much easier & for me personally it's a really great upgrade for my skin."


"I love how tiny and cute it is, and the handle makes it so easy to manoeuvre. I’ve used it morning and night everyday for about 5 days now, and my face has been looking and feeling so much better than usual! It is very gentle and for everyday use, I think it’s perfect!"


Ok I usually don’t give five stars for just anything, but this brush does what it needs to do. It has about 4 different modes. I personally like the one with the rotating beads and the vibration because I feel like it really does a deep clean.My face feels immediately cleaner after use, I just put on my serums and I’m glowing for the remainder of the day."

Julia Emily

"I've tried it twice and my skin is suddenly unbelievably soft! Such a good feeling when you wash your face and the skin suddenly becomes soft to the touch!"

Jane D.

"In fact, I noticed the difference on the first day - extremely soft and smooth skin. Very excited about the device, I recommend it!"


"The cleaner is wonderful. It's small but comfortable in hand. The skin feels smooth after it's usage. It looks stylish. Very pleased with the purchase."


"I bought this face cleansing brush because for the longest time I've used my hands to wash my face and suffered from acne and blackheads. After using this product I could already feel and see the difference it made vs just using my hands. My face felt super soft, smooth and refreshed after using.


"I finally got this face brush! Let me tell you from first hand, the brush is amazing! It really works, for the first time I had a smooth skin just like a baby????"


"The most enthusiastic person in the world after using this product !! Where have you been all this time ?? Hahah"


"A really good massage after a long day. My skin feels so smooth after a good wash. I highly recommend this product."


"Glad I got to try this awesome gadget! I use this when I wake up and before I go to bed. My skin felt very firm and I noticed a bit of a glow!"

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